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Custom Labels & ID for the Entertainment Industry
Premium quality flight case labels, cable labels and other equipment labels
Flight Case Labels & More
Incredibly Durable Sporting Solutions
Cricket bat labels, Bike labels, metal plates & engraving
Cricket Bat Labels & More
Automotive, Electronics & Industrial Printed Solutions
Electroluminescent, screen printed graphic overlays and heightened resistance to temperature, chemicals, UV etc
Panel Graphic Overlays & More
Tactile Printed Solutions
Smarter labels for any application including braille and raised warning symbols for example
Braille or Domed Labels & More

Premium Custom Labels & Stickers

Using in-house roll to roll screen printing and digital solutions we produce the highest quality, long-life labels and stickers for any identification or branding challenge! 

We’re your local, friendly 😊 experts in printing, adhesives, die cutting and colour to make your brand more impactful, more organised and longer-lasting.

Next day and worldwide 🚚 delivery available.

Put our Skills to the Test

With well over a century of combined experience, we’re ready for any labelling, identification or branding project.


Our designers are on-point and know how to nurture your ideas and bring them to life.


Think RFiD, electroluminescence, WiFi, QR, endurance, protection, 3D, holographic, eco-friendly...


Our factory has the latest digital & screen printing machinery and our quality control is rigorous.

We're Global

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Our client satisfaction drives us forward and making someone happy is the name of the game.

Premium Custom Labelling for the NHS
Premium Custom Labelling for Aerospace

A-Z of Our Custom Labels

Not sure what you’re looking for? Give us a quick call… We’re very much YES people at Adcal. Or you could try a search?

Asset Labels –  You can permanently identify, track and control your property with these labels to maximise anti theft and security for sensitive goods.

Ultra permanent asset labels can be serial numbered and or barcoded and we manufacture these labels with quality material to ensure durability and long life.

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By cocooning your Airpot in a wrap that has been designed, printed and guaranteed by the experts at Adcal, you can wow your customers with brand-boosting graphics. See more on Airpot Wraps or get a fast, tailored quote.
Our ultra durable bike stickers will last the life of the bike! The bright vibrant colours will make your brand pop. Get a quick quote below.
Our Braille Labels are used for many different applications – Our 3D print technology allows us to add anything from Braille right through to a fully 3D domed label.
Top quality, custom, branded Cable Labels. We have numerous options available from wrap around tail labels through to Ecofriendly branded velcro.

We supply some of the best known cricket bat manufacturers as well as small specialist bat manufacturers with our cricket bat label sticker sets. We print both digitally and screen which enables us to print 6 colours including metallic foils and white… See more of our Cricket Bat Labels or request a quote.

Our Control Panel Labels are exteremely durable. Print is projected behind the material face and this material can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees.

Our Low Temperature / Cryogenic Labels come in a range thermal transfer and laser printable materials for cryogenic labelling, enabling reliable identification of plastic and glass vessels for the preservation of blood, reproductive cells and other biological materials that undergo long-term cryogenic storage in liquid nitrogen or deep-freezing.

Domed Labels are raised with a polyurethane resin for extra protection. They are durable, anti-scratch shatterproof labels. If you’d like a price, just fill in our contact form.

We produce a number of e-cigarette labels for vape companies. We’ve produced everything from Tactile Warning Labels through to transfers for the devices themselves.

We are always working on the next generation label and if you would like assistance in sourcing or creating the most Environmentally-Friendly Labels then please do get in touch.

From PAT Testing Labels through Electrical Warning Labels and Control Panels to Electroluminescent Labels – we’re your perfect labelling partner.

We can help you with any equipment labelling requirement from branding through identification to security – get a no obligation price

Touring is not an easy job. It’s not just tough on you, but on your cases, on your equipment and on the flight case labels too. That’s why you need Adcal Flight Case Labels which are the toughest on the planet.

We work with numerous MotorSport companies on high performance labelling solutions such as branding decals and even bespoke gaskets.

Our Gaskets, Spacers & Double sided tapes can all be laminated, die cut, slit, punched and stripped in house. By using flatbed and rotary tooling as well as laser cutting we can convert just about any material.

Send us a brief!

Metal labels are anodised aluminium and stainless steel. We offer bar coding, serial numbering and fixed holes if required. 

Have your Metal Tags and Labels your way!

Get quality, bespoke branded PAT Testing Labels – no fuss.

We can help with any Point of Sale Labelling Requirement. One example would be that we deliver PVC or Paper continuous shelf strips, supplied on a roll so you can cut them to any length in store.

Any product… Any labelling requirement… We challenge you – to challenge us!

Our ultra durable Promotional Stickers will make your message stand out! Printed in any number of colours on to 100 micron white vinyl with a permanent or removable adhesive backing. The labels are guaranteed not to fade. 

Security Labelling is another speciality of ours whether the primary function or as an enhancement to an existing Label. 

An effective tool for brand protection and to prevent tampering. These labels can also be used as warranty labels and can be serial numbered and or barcoded.

Looking for that No Label Look? Our unique Water Slide Transfers make the graphic look as though it was physically printed on to the item.

Once applied these transfers are almost impossible to remove. They are ultra thin so edges are very smooth, colours are extra vibrant and they will adhere to non flat surfaces.

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Adcal produce various types of Vehicle Labels – From Window Stickers and Bumper Stickers through to Gaskets and Spacers for MotorSport.

For the Ultimate Warning Label, the incorporation of a raised/tactile triangle will ensure you are complying with EU Laws

We manufacture and supply the highest quality, non fade Window Stickers for shops, vehicles etc.

Our labels are screen printed and resistant to UV Rays which means there is no fading as seen with cheaper, digitally printed counterparts.

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