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We’re Committed to Quality

Adcal has held ISO 9001 since 1992 and we employ rigorous and continuous checking procedures throughout production. Our central location means we are able to deliver next day throughout the UK and Europe using high-speed reliable ISO 9001 courier services.

Our 5 Year Guarantee

We’re so confident in the Quality of our Labels & Stickers that we offer a 5 Year ‘Non Fade’ Guarantee. So Don’t make the mistake of going cheap!

Confused about Label Quality...

Our Quality Control Policy

Adcal’s overall mission is to achieve consistent service for existing customers and to attract new ones through speed and competence of its response and the excellence of its Product and Service Quality.

We acknowledge that our staff are very important and they affect the Quality of our Product and Service to our customer. Product Quality follows from strict adherence to our continually evolving and improving Quality System. Service Quality comes from listening to our customers needs, expectations and experience. We must pay attention to the feedback of our customers and strive to improve their satisfaction in dealing with us.

The Senior Management Team are committed to continual improvement and communicate this message to all our staff through the internal briefing, training and staff appraisal. Quality objectives are communicated and monitored to adhere to our mission. Staff are encouraged to contribute ideas and suggestions for improvement of our Quality Systems which support this policy.

Michael O’Connor
Managing Director

We found some inferior alternatives to our premium labelling solutions. #LabelFail

shop window #labelfail
Shop Window Sticker #Fail

we would have used a suitable process, materials and adhesives tailor made for this requirement and non fade inks. Adcal produces over 500,000 of these type of Shop window stickers and have never had a fading issue.

Warning Label #Fail

we would have ensured long term readability and durability of such an important message. In this case the image has almost disappeared due to a combination of UV and possible solvent attack. We would have suggested an undersurface printed polyester with solvent inks for this application.

Outdoor Label #Fail

This application requires a solvent ink screen printed, non fade and non peel, external durable sticker.

Car Window Label #Fail

for superior material choice and also advice on car window label application in terms of cleaning glass with IPA before sticking label down.

High Temperature Label #Fail

We’d recommend a superior material to this paper label which was always going to struggle with both the heat and moisture associated with a kettle. Adcal would recommend a polyester or high temperature vinyl label for this never a paper label.

B&Q Trolley Handle Label #Fail

An undersurface screen printed label would have been recommended for this challenging end use.

Aircon Unit Label #Fail

We would have ensured long term readability and durability. We would have suggested an undersurface printed polyester with solvent inks for this application.

Label #Fail

To ensure that Safety Critical Messages such as these stay visible. A durable undersurface printed label would have been the choice for this application.

Label Adhesive #Fail

We would have suggested use of specialist 3M Low Surface Energy (LSE) adhesives which are particularly suited for difficult materials such as this polypropylene.

Lamp Post Label #Fail

A solvent ink screen printed, non fade and non peel external durable sticker.


UK and International Delivery available We will ship your product by courier (Next day delivery where possible) often within 3-5 working days after your order has been placed.
Delivery is a flat £10.00+Vat for a weight up to 10kg. As a guide, this is the equivalent to roughly 1000 A4 Stickers.

For more details on international delivery view our international carriage charges document

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Once your order has been dispatched to our courier, we will send you a Consignment Tracking Number via E-mail, so you can follow the process of your order.

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