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We were one of the early adopters in the various labelling solutions for eCigarette & Vape companies all over the World.

We can provide you with rolls of clear E-Cig Warning Labels which you then affix to your packaging and containers as an addition to/over your existing warning labels or alternatively, you can opt for a warning triangle label integrated in to your custom label design. With this process we screen print a raised triangle as a single process after your packaging label has been printed, the raised triangle is then an integral part of your product label.
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European Standard BS EN ISO 11683:1997 states that all substances readily available to the public which are labelled ‘very toxic’, ‘toxic’, ‘corrosive’, ‘harmful’ or ‘extremely flammable’ and any aerosol propelled by butane, must by law have a tactile danger warning label.

This is because when someone who is blind or has impaired vision, handle a package it is difficult or impossible for them to tell whether or not it contains harmless or dangerous substances or preparations. A tactile label means that it is perceptible to the touch and this is specifically to alert the blind or partially sighted that they are handling a dangerous product.

The warning symbol on a Tactile Label is an equilateral triangle. These tactile warning labels are produced by a special process in accordance with ENISO 11683 which clearly sets out the dimensions. The triangle must be equilateral with sides either 9mm (overall label size 13 x 13mm) or 18mm (label size 20 x 20mm). The new, revised ISO 9001:2008 Standard also allows a reduced size (with the triangle being completely filled) and a small, 3-dot symbol.

The process of producing tactile warning labels is complicated, but it enables the mark to sit proud on the substrate so that it can be read in the same way as braille. The label material is usually transparent for the orange warning to show through.

Who must be using them?

If you supply chemicals in any volume or amount, from the growing e-liquid production market to manufacturers of paint thinners, you will need to know about the Chemicals (Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply) Regulations 2009 – known as the CHIP Regulations and the European Regulation on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures, known as the CLP Regulation.

You must ensure that any products you sell to the public which are covered by these legislation’s have a tactile warning of danger in the form of a raised triangle label.

Need Assistance?

Adcal Labels can provide you with rolls of clear tactile warning labels which you then affix to your packaging and containers as an addition to your existing warning labels or alternatively, you can opt for an integrated warning triangle label. With this process we screen print a raised triangle as a single process after your packaging label has been printed, the raised triangle is then an integral part of your product label.

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We can even provide a tactile warning application service to save you time and effort if you send us your per-printed labels.

Michael, Owner - Adcal LabelsHey I’m Michael, owner of Adcal Labels.

I just wanted to say the team and I have a great tactile warning label solution whether for Vape liquid or any other hazardous chemical so please put us to the test!

  • We have 40+ years experience in bike label printing 
  • We offer a 5 years non-fade guarantee on all our labels
  • We offer a rapid turnaround on all stickers and deliver them by courier, worldwide.

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We’ve delivered labelling solutions that have helped to save lives. It doesn’t get much more rewarding than that!
Looking for the most durable labels on the market? Abrasion, extreme temperature, water and chemical resistance – No drama.

Unrivalled Quality

Top of the range screen printing machines mean nothing leaves our factory without a 5yr guarantee.

Keen Pricing

We offer a price match guarantee on like-for-like quotations for that off chance we're not ultra competitive.

Speedy Delivery

Shipped Next Day by courier where possible with consignment tracking number via email.

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Premium Custom Labelling for the NHS

A-Z of Healthcare Labels

What there is to know about labels for the Healthcare sector – that we don’t know, isn’t worth knowing!

Our Braille Labels are used for many different applications – Our 3D print technology allows us to add anything from Braille right through to a fully 3D domed label.

Our Control Panel Labels are exteremely durable. Print is projected behind the material face and this material can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees.

Our Low Temperature / Cryogenic Labels come in a range thermal transfer and laser printable materials for cryogenic labelling, enabling reliable identification of plastic and glass vessels for the preservation of blood, reproductive cells and other biological materials that undergo long-term cryogenic storage in liquid nitrogen or deep-freezing.

Domed Labels are raised with a polyurethane resin for extra protection. They are durable, anti-scratch shatterproof labels. If you’d like a price, just fill in our contact form.

We produce a number of e-cigarette labels for vape companies. We’ve produced everything from Tactile Warning Labels through to transfers for the devices themselves.

We are always working on the next generation label and if you would like assistance in sourcing or creating the most Environmentally-Friendly Labels then please do get in touch.

From PAT Testing Labels through Electrical Warning Labels and Control Panels to Electroluminescent Labels – we’re your perfect labelling partner.

We can help you with any equipment labelling requirement from branding through identification to security – get a no obligation price. 

Our Gaskets, Spacers & Double sided tapes can all be laminated, die cut, slit, punched and stripped in house. By using flatbed and rotary tooling as well as laser cutting we can convert just about any material.

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Metal labels are anodised aluminium and stainless steel. We offer bar coding, serial numbering and fixed holes if required. 

Have your Metal Tags and Labels your way!

Get quality, bespoke branded PAT Testing Labels – no fuss.

Security Labelling is another speciality of ours whether the primary function or as an enhancement to an existing Label. 

An effective tool for brand protection and to prevent tampering. These labels can also be used as warranty labels and can be serial numbered and or barcoded.

Looking for that No Label Look? Our unique Water Slide Transfers make the graphic look as though it was physically printed on to the item.

Once applied these transfers are almost impossible to remove. They are ultra thin so edges are very smooth, colours are extra vibrant and they will adhere to non flat surfaces.

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For the Ultimate Warning Label, the incorporation of a raised/tactile triangle will ensure you are complying with EU Laws. 

We manufacture and supply the highest quality, non fade Window Stickers for shops, vehicles etc.

Our labels are screen printed and resistant to UV Rays which means there is no fading as seen with cheaper, digitally printed counterparts.

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