RAF Special Edition Stickers

Folding Bikes – The intelligent way to get around town!
And the best thing is that if you end up getting puffed-out, these bikes are also bus and train ‘friendly’ so you’ll never be stranded.

At Adcal we’ve been looking after the world’s leading folding bike manufacturer for over 25 years now and this was the perfect opportunity to give them a shout out. Brompton Bikes of London were tasked with the job of producing some folding bikes for the Red Arrows division of the RAF and don’t they look the part with that paint-job and our super durable, long life labels.

So if you’re in the market for a folding bike then we’re not the only one’s that recommend a Brompton.

And if you want to brand your folding bike or your Red Arrow …or your skateboard, cricket bat or camera to name a few of our other recent projects – you know who to speak with.

Long Life Labels for 'Red Arrow' Folding Bikes by Brompton

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