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Adcal’s asset labels are an essential tool in protecting valuable assets. You can permanently identify, track and control your property with these labels to maximise anti theft and security for sensitive goods.

Ultra permanent asset labels can be serial numbered and or barcoded and we manufacture these labels with quality material to ensure durability and long life.

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Specification of our Asset Labels

  • Material Vinyl, Polyester.
  • Adhesive Ultra Permanent / Destruction / Tamper Proof / Void.
  • Method Multi-colour roll or single colour sheet machines are used to print durable pigment inks which are dried by UV or hot air.
  • Output Format Singles, Sheets or Rolls.
  • Size 5mm x 5mm to < 200mm x 300mm
  • Application for Asset Labels Apply to computer, office equipment, home electrical equipment, valuable goods etc... Protect your assets with one of our range of security labels. Use to control assets and deter theft.
  • Additional Various types available including: Standard silver polyester laminate. Tamper Evident Silver label - when removed leaves a checker board design on product prooving the label has been removed - cannot be re-applied. Destruct white vinyl labels - impossible to remove label in one piece. All types can have bespoke coloured text, plus serial numbering or bar codes added.

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